Gift set, Mao Feng - Pai Mu Tan - White Downy

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A blend of three teas from China; Green tea, white tea and oolong tea, to get to know and love.

Mao Feng, green tea, 毛峰

This green tea consists of delicate leaf buds that are covered with fluff, as well slightly twisted leaves. In the infusion, the Mao Feng shows a bright golden cup.

The aroma is very intense with a persistent sweet aftertaste that is reminiscent of ripe fruit such as apricot.

Organic Pai Mu Tan, white tea, 有机 - 白牡丹

A handmade white tea. For this Pai Mu Tan, only the youngest shoots are traditionally picked with two subsequent tea leaves. They are not rolled and are characterized by a slightly silvery shimmering fluff.

The taste is pleasantly flowery and finely aromatic.
The cup color is light golden yellow and is of high quality.

Guangxi White Downy, Oolong Tea, 广西 白 豪 (银针)

A handcrafted Oolong tea from China, which consists largely of elongated, slightly twisted silver shimmering leaf buds.

Expressive, pleasantly fresh character with a tangy, slightly grassy aroma.
Light, clear cup color.


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