Kyûsu, harmony

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Kyûsu, harmony 

A very harmonious kyûsu made by Sekiryu (石龍), which is particularly suitable for Kabusecha or Gyokuro due to its flat shape.

The second generation ceramic master, Sekiryu (石龍), born 1967 in Tokoname, has an excellent feeling for creation and perfection. His kyûsu is based on one hand on the tokonama tradition as well as looking ahead.

This is also reflected in this quote:

"I'm always trying something new, keeping old and good traditions. Since I focus particularly on making tea sets, I think about design in terms of usability in my work."


Tousei-ami - 陶製網

Additional product information

Type Tonkanne, Handarbeit
Sieve type Tonsieb
color dark brown
Dishwasher safe No
Capacity approx. in ml 150

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