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Hobin, Shiboridashi

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Shiboridashi, 絞り出し, 白山

This Shiboridashi by Master Hakusan from Tokoname (常 滑) impresses with its elegance and balanced and harmonious color scheme. The impression of a soft and delicate surface is created. This harmony is supported and interrupted by the filigree mogake technique. Whereby strings of algae, applied to the raw ceramic, result in a random pattern that is unique for each object. Each Shiboridashi is therefore unique.

Shiboridashi or Hobin refers to a teapot without a handle, which is used for high-quality teas such as Gyokuro or Kabusecha, which are poured at a reduced temperature. Due to the lower water temperature, there is no risk of bruising your fingers.

In addition, the filling volume is also lower, as these teas are brewed and drunk in a more concentrated manner in order to be able to fully perceive the full taste. The Shiboridashi is usually flatter than the Hobin.

Artist: Katayama Hakusan (白山), born in 1949.

His grandfather opened a pottery in Tokoname (常 滑) in 1935. He studied with his father in 1968 and is the third generation to inherit the trade.


Please note:

  • We recommend that you only rinse the Shiboridashi with clean water
  • Please do not use chemical or soapy dishwashing liquid.
  • Do not use a metal sponge or brush.
  • Do not use direct fire.
  • Please handle with care as it is fragile.
  • If the Shiboridashi is damaged, it cannot be repaired.

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Japan, Tokoname
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