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Iron jug, Tetsubin, Mizutamamon Marugata

Traditionally, cast iron kettles were made in Japan to heat water. So these Tetsubin are designed to boil water, mainly for making tea.

This kettle keeps the temperature of the water relatively constant or cools it down slowly, so the water has the right temperature for the following infusions of tea.

Mizutamamon Marugata by Suzuki Morihisa is a kettle with a simple design and striking round applications. Although it is hard cast iron, this hardness is harmonized by the spott-like patterns and the curved, firm grip. With its 800ml capacity, this kettle is ideal for use to enjoy tea alone or in pairs.


Size : 13.6cm(Diameter) × 19.6cm(Height)
Capacity : 0.8ℓ
Weight : 1.1kg



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