First Flush Tea 2019

First Flush Tea 2019

By First Flush one understands the very first pickings of the year in Darjeeling. This is characterized by its unusual freshness and the flowery aromas.
Since these teas are packege directly on the plantation and it is coming by air, the name Flugtee has emerged.

  1. SFTGFOP1 (Special Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe 1., highest grade)
  2. FTGFOP1 (Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe 1.)
  3. TGFOP (Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe)
  4. FOP (Flowery Orange Pekoe)
  5. OP (Orange Pekoe)
  6. P (Pekoe)

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Bio Darjeeling, Puttabong - SFTGFOP1

The first tea from Puttabong emphasizes the soft and invigorating aromas, as well as the floral finish.

14.50 / pack(s) *
Delivery weight: 150 g

Bio Darjeeling, Badamtam - FTGFOP1

Badamtam not only delights with its sonorous name, but also skilfully demonstrates its delicate floral aromas in the taste.

16.00 / pack(s) *
Delivery weight: 150 g

Darjeeling Gielle DJ1, FTGFOP 1

A typical Darjeeling Gielle first flush from one of the most beautiful gardens in India.

18.00 / pack(s) *
In stock
Delivery period: 2-5 working days
Delivery weight: 150 g

Darjeeling Singbulli EX6, SFTGFOP 1, organic

An organic Darjeeling from a special clonal cultivation of the garden Singbulli reminds by its high aromatic flowery aroma on pleasant spring days.

28.00 / pack(s) *
Delivery weight: 140 g
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