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Bancha 番茶 - 100g paper box - Green Tea - Japan

Harvested in the spring, a lighter and milder first flush Sencha from the Kyoto Prefecture.

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Japanese Sencha

- 煎茶 - is a Japanese green tea, whose special feature is a distinctive and fresh taste and has very uniform, emerald leaves. In the typical way, this Japanese green tea is briefly treated with hot steam to stop fermentation after it has been pre-dried with hot air.

About three-quarters of the crops grown in Japanese tea gardens are Sencha teas. Most regions produce different kinds, which are named after their processing. Rolled needle-shaped Sencha is processed in Shizuoka and the Yame region of Fukuoka. In other areas, such as Kyushu, the comma-shaped leaves are processed (Tamaryokucha). The Sencha from KOS-tea comes, in most cases, from the oldest Japanese tea area, around Uji in Kyoto Prefecture. The taste is soft, fresh, and an aromatic bitter tannin remains in the background.

Sencha, as green teas are usually prepared, is normally infused with 70-80°C hot water with a brewing time of one minute. High quality Sencha can even be brewed with even lower temperatures. Three to four infusions can be enjoyed from Sencha, each infusion having a different brewing time and water temperature.