Gyokuro - Japan

Japanese Gyokuro

玉露 - is considered the highest quality Japanese green tea.  What specialises Gyokuro is that the tea plants are covered for about 21 days before harvest and that there are various methods of actually preparing the tea to drink.  More Gyokuro tea leaves and a lower water temperature will prepare one cup of tea compared to preparing Sencha. As a result of the shading, the usual bitterness of tea is greatly reduced and the amino acids are increased. Thus, Gyokuro is especially adored.

Gyokuro can be prepared according to your personal preference. It can, for example, be prepared stronger than Sencha, bringing a special flavor to the cup.  In Japan, this tea is often presented on special occasions to emphasize the guests' special honor.

Because of its high-quality, this tea is very sensitive.  It should be prepared with a low temperature between 50°C and 60°C. Gyokuro loses its soft, highly aromatic flavor when it is infused with boiling water.

Gyokuro can also be prepared with ice water, the brewing time then increases to about 3 minutes.