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In addition to the tea assortment, we have included a wonderful Korean soju in the program.

ISAE (pronounced Ih-ssä) is the first soju produced in Germany that combines solid German distilling craft with Korean influences.

On the Korean peninsula, since the 13th century, soju has traditionally been distilled from grain and rice and brought to drinking strength with spring water - even then a high-quality distillate made from purely natural ingredients was obtained.

ISAE is artisanal, distilled from regional winter wheat and organic rice, then carefully bottled in small batches. The manufacturer strictly refrains from artificial aromas, synthetic sweeteners or industrial additives and manufactures his cereal brand with great attention to detail according to the German Purity Law of 1789.

Each batch consists of only 500 bottles, some of which we have reserved for you.

Only in the tea shop "make tea not war"

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SAE SOJU · Korean Premium rice alcohol (500ml, 18% Vol.)
Pure natural ingredients · small batch · distilled in Germany