Sencha pot, Clay sieve, 都築 豊

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Kyûsu Harmony, 後手急須

A beautiful old-style sencha pot with a velvety and soft surface.

The master Yutaka Tsuduki (都 築 豊), who works in Tokoname, conjured up a wonderful, delicate Sencha-Kyûsu from the clay with this teapot. Her timeless, simple elegance impresses me very much, it makes a great pleasure to drink green tea and just like her appearance, the mind of the tea drinker becomes gentle and calm. Ideal to start the day or to get back on the ground after exciting experiences.

Yutaka Tsuduki, born in 1972, learned the basics of pottery in Kyoto. He returned to Tokoname and studied the art of kyûsu pottery with his father in order to ultimately establish his own style.

He is the chairman of the Japanese Association of Ceramic Art Therapists. Through ceramic art he wants to improve the mental and physical function of many people.

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Sieve type Tonsieb
color white
Dishwasher safe No
Capacity approx. in ml 270

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