Tea Pot - Houhin - Shiboridashi - Japan

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Tea Pot - Shiburidashi (only one tea pot) 125ml

This shapely teapot (Shiburidashi, flat Houhin) has been made exclusively for KOS-tea, Tea Import O. Seifert, and is mainly used for high-quality Sencha, which are not brewed so hot, so it doesn't need a handle. This Shiburidashi is not glazed on the inside, so it is advisable to use it only for the same tea. The tea penetrates the ceramic, seals it over time and preserves the tea aroma in a special way.

The lid can move by slightly more or less tea release in the cup. The incorporated grooves serve as a sieve and keep so in combination with the cover the tea leaves back.

The Shiburidashi is easy to clean, with hot wather, and with good care a longtime companion.

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capacity: 125ml


Photo: OGee Seifert

Additional product information

Origin Japan
Sieve type eingearbeitetes Sieb
Dishwasher safe No
Capacity approx. in ml 125


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