Kyûsu, Akira Sencha pot

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Kyûsu, Akira, 晶

This typical standard teapot (Kyûsu) from Japan is suitable for everyday tea as well as for Sencha, Bancha and Kukicha. The permanently embedded round metal strainer prevents the tea leaves from getting into the tea bowl or clogging the spout.

The side handle, which is typical of Japanese teapots, allows the tea to be distributed very comfortably in the tea bowls and is ideal for hot brewed teas.

板網急須 - Ita - ami, 常滑焼 - Tokoname

Additional product information

Type Tokoname, Handarbeit
Sieve type Edelstahl Flächensieb
color red
Dishwasher safe No
Capacity approx. in ml 350

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